Spring Class Schedule 2014


Plant Identification: (core course; required: Basic Botany)   Instructor: Paula Gross

A rose by any other name may smell as sweet, but it’s sure hard to communicate with fellow naturalists if you call it a lily!  Part of our fascination with plants includes wanting (and even needing) to know their names.  In this course, we will take a look at why names are so important and how they relate to plant relationships; we’ll examine the structure of plants and flowers learning to describe them with professional language, and we will use simple keys as tools to putting a name to Rosa carolina and many more herbaceous plants.

Dates and times: Friday, May 2 (5:pm-8pm), Saturday 3 (9am-2:30pm), Monday 5 (5pm-8pm) and Wednesday 7 (5pm-8pm).  Total 14 hours.

Location: McMillan Greenhouse, UNC Charlotte Botanical Gardens.
Class limit: 16 participants.  Cost: $142.00  Includes Plant ID guide.

Insect-Plant Interactions (elective course; open to anyone) NEW
Instructor: Dr. Chris Paradise

This course will be a brief introduction to the biology of insect-plant interactions, structured around application and investigation of interactions such as pollination and herbivory related to native plants and plants of economic or aesthetic interest to humans.  The focus will be on biodiversity and ecology of beneficial and harmful insects, but will include a brief primer on insect identification.  Some discussion of invasive insects and plants may take place.

Dates and times: Thursday, May (6pm-9pm) Friday 30 (6pm-9pm), and  Saturday 31 (9am-12:30pm). Total 10 hours.

Location: McMillan Greenhouse, UNC Charlotte Botanical Gardens.
Class limit: 16 participants. Cost: $90.00



Down on the Forest Floor: Mosses, Snails and Mushrooms (elective; open to anyone) NEW!

Introduction to Bryophytes with Catherine Luckenbaugh: Discover the Lilliputian world of bryophytes. This course will include an overview of mosses, hornworts, and liverworts, with an emphasis on mosses. Basic terminology and keying techniques will be covered. We will also take a short field walk to view bryophytes on a variety of substrates in natural habitats. Note: a 10X hand lens will be very useful for this course.

 Malacology and other decomposers by Denise Furr.

A discussion of the roles of small decomposer animals with a special emphasis on the mollusks and how they benefit the gardener, followed by a brief excursion outside to collect and recognize these animals.

Mycology by Allein Stanley

A presentation  involving the importance of fungi in the natural world and their relationship to other organisms.  Information about the different roles they play, some things about their life styles, and possibly one or two hands-on activities.

Dates and times:  Friday, June 6 (4pm-7pm), and Saturday 7 (9am-1pm; 1 hour lunch break). Total 9 hours.

Locations: Reedy Creek Park and UNC Charlotte Botanical Gardens.   Class limit: 14 participants     Cost: $90.00


Conservation Ecology (elective course; pre-requisite: Basic Ecology).    Instructor: Dr. Jessica Braswell

This course focuses on the protection and management of plant biodiversity. Topics include species conservation, causes and consequences of declines in plant biodiversity, habitat fragmentation, management approaches, biological reserve design, restoration of ecosystems, and the role of conservation biologists in plant conservation.

Suggested Reading:  Plant by Janet Marinelli  (this is a reference, not a book for reading cover to cover).

Dates and times: Friday, June 20 (5pm-8pm) and Saturday (9am-4pm; 1 hour lunch break). Total 10 hours.

Location: McMillan Greenhouse classroom, UNC Charlotte Botanical Gardens   Class limit: 16 participants    Cost: $90.00

For more information and class update information, contact Esther Carrasco via email: ecarras1@uncc.edu or telephone: 704-687-0721

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