Directions and Parking

Directions to Greenhouse

GPS & Online Mapping Users: Use “9090 Craver Rd. 28262″  to locate the greenhouse.  Using our mailing address will take you to the main entrance of the campus, but not to the greenhouse, specifically. If 9090 Craver does not come up, try “9090 Michael Ray Craver”.

What follows are what we consider the simplest directions for visitors unfamiliar with the campus or University area. (Scroll down past parking information for links to alternate directions & maps).

via I-85: Off I-85, take exit 46 east, Mallard Creek Church Rd. (Off 85 South that’s a left, off 85 North that’s a right). At the third stoplight (about 1.5 mi) turn RIGHT on Mary Alexander Rd. (FYI- it is marked both Bonnie Cone and Mary Alexander) . You will enter campus, and at the four-way stop, continue straight. The next road to the RIGHT (only) is Craver Rd. Turn right onto Craver Rd. & take a quick right into the parking area.

via I-485: Take exit 32 (Hwy. 29) off I-485. Head west on hwy. 29, Tryon St. (off I-485 North, that’s a left, off I-485 South, its a right.) The next main intersection past 485 is at Mallard Creek Church Rd. Take a LEFT onto Mallard Creek Church Rd. At the next stoplight, turn RIGHT onto Mary Alexander Rd (marked also as Bonnie Cone in other direction). You will enter campus, and at the four-way stop, continue straight. The next road to the RIGHT (only) is Craver Rd. Turn right onto Craver & take a quick right into the parking area.

Gardens Visitor Parking

Botanical Gardens Visitor parking is located across Craver Rd. from the greenhouse.

  • There are 6 parking spots in that lot identified (with signs) for “gardens, greenhouse, and parking services visitors”.
  • You may park in one of those spaces, but you must obtain a temporary parking permit (Mon-Fri only) from the Parking Services Office. This is the building adjacent to the lot with a green awning. You will be given a free 4-hr, hang-tag permit for your rear-view mirror.
  • These permits ARE required Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm. Permits are NOT required after 5 pm or on the WEEKEND.


If the visitor spaces are full , you have a couple of other parking options, depending on when you are visiting. If you are visiting on a Saturday or Sunday, you may park in any parking space on campus that is not restricted by its own sign (like, “reserved 24-hrs”, for instance).

If you are visiting Monday through Friday, your additional parking options are metered spaces (there are a few down Craver Rd. on right), or the Visitor Parking Decks.  The closest are the “East  Deck 1″ or the “Union Deck”.   campus parking map.  Look on the map for the dark green shaded decks – those are the visitor decks.  Parking fee of $2/hr apply.

Overview of Charlotte area and location of the University

UNC Charlotte is located in northeast Charlotte (referred to as ” the University area”). Campus can be reached by taking I-485, I-85, Hwy 29, or Hwy 49, depending on your location and familiarity with the area.

The Greenhouse & Gardens are on the east end of the campus, at the corner of Mary Alexander & Michael Craver Rd. If you choose to come in the main entrance, look for signs directing you to the gardens/greenhouse and garden parking.

Directions to the main campus entrance.

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