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Pitcher PalntsWe are a university botanical garden promoting the knowledge and appreciation of plants for educational, environmental, and aesthetic purposes. The greenhouse and gardens serve as a resource to the campus community, as well as the greater Charlotte community and its visitors.

More Information

Facilities:  The Botanical Gardens are located on the east side of the campus of UNC Charlotte and consist of three main areas – the McMillan Greenhouse complex, the 3-acre Susie Harwood Garden, and the 7-acre Van Landingham Glen.  Each area has something unique to offer – from the tropical wonders of the greenhouse… to the native wildflowers, trees, and rhododendrons in the peaceful setting of the Glen… to the diversity of ornamental plants and settings in the Harwood Garden year-round.  The Greenhouse serves as the entry spot for visitors with restrooms, water fountain, and access to staff who can answer your questions. A thread that runs through all our collections is an emphasis on diversity of species and cultivars. We want to share great plants with our visitors – plants that they have previously never encountered, as well as many they are pleased to see again! We want visitors to experience the world of plants, and so we allow touching and smelling. Check out “Gardens and Greenhouse” to learn more about each area.

Services: The Botanical Gardens offer much more than the plants themselves. Look through the menus above to learn more about our classes and workshops, guided group tours, plant sales, volunteer and membership opportunities,and plant society meetings. We are part of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, and although the University does not offer a degree in horticulture, the Gardens are utilized by a wide variety of classes– from the plant-related Biology courses taught in the greenhouse classroom to art classes using the plants and gardens as subjects to technical writing and journalism classes centering assignments around our unique environment.

Base of Support: We maintain free admission in order to share the world of plants with all, but the Botanical Gardens would not exist and grow without many threads of support – a true web-of-life!  Funding from the College and University, donations and endowments from passionate individuals and groups, grants, the dedicated and knowledgeable staff, volunteers from the community, and student workers are all integral parts of our success.

We invite you to visit the Botanical Gardens, experience this world of plants, and come back often.

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