Visitor Etiquette

Visitors are Welcome to:

  • Take photographs or make drawings, as long as plants are not disturbed.
  • Gently touch and smell plants.
  • Sit on our various wooden and rock benches.
  • Walk your dog within campus regulations (read the UNC Charlotte policy “Animals on Campus“). Notice that dogs must be on a leash at all times.
  • Walk only on the gravel or mulched pathways.
  • Pick up fallen leaves,flowers or seed pods IF they have fallen naturally from the plants onto the paths (not in the beds).
  • Please leave everything else undisturbed.

We have one main rule: Please remain on the paths.  Following this rule will keep the gardens growing for all visitors to enjoy.

The following is a more detailed list of activities that are prohibited:

  • Climbing on trees, shrubs, or rocks.
  • Picking flowers,leaves, or fruits from plants.
  • Digging holes, collecting soil or rocks, or turning over logs or rocks.
  • Running or biking anywhere in the Gardens.
  • Wading or playing in the pond or creek.
  • Moving or disturbing sprinklers or other irrigation.
  • Taking our labels or signs. Please write down any information you wish to have later.
  • Conducting “experiments” or leaving materials in the gardens (without prior permission).
  • Minors must be accompanied by a permitted adult only (read and follow “Minors on Campus” policy).
  • Damage to any University property. Please read and follow “Control and Management of University…Property” and “Violation of University Policy

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